Awoman in Florida called emergency services, 911, when her walk on the beach was disturbed by a body lying on the sand. However, her phone call was in vain. It turns out, the body was actually an old mannequin that, after spending some time in the rusty oceans, had been covered in seaweed and barnacles.

The funny incident is from Perdido Key, Escambia County in USA. The photos of the mysterious body were shared on Facebook by a group, Ocean’s Hour. They revealed how a volunteer of their organisation, Kathleen, spotted the body as well.

“Another visitor had even called 911. Upon further investigating, she realized it was a mannequin! How long has she been out in the water collecting barnacles and sea life? Way too long! We are glad it wasn’t a real body!” they added.

To be fair to the woman, whose panicked call might have even frightened the 911 operator, the figure does look oddly human. Due to the sea damage, there’s no plastic visible (at least not from a distance). The mannequin’s human shape didn’t help the matter either. With all the sea life clinging to the figure, it looked like an old, rotting corpse. Upon close inspection, one can see it’s not a beheaded human as there is a huge hole where the head should be; clearly a very non-human feature.

There is also a small hole in the sole of the foot. However, in the first picture taken from the back, it immediately looks like a dead body lying face down on the beach. Just imagine, What must have gone through the woman’s head!

As many may notice the similarity of the “body” to a certain film-franchise, many commenters wrote Pirates of the Caribbean in the comment section. Many dead and dying characters from the film looked oddly similar to the body on the beach.