With Google Maps, he discovered a “crash extraterrestrial ship” in South Africa?

“The pilot might be living among people,” according to a UFO investigator who discovered a purported crashed extraterrestrial craft hiding in the bushes.

On the 25th of January, a localized occurrence happened, saying that he is hiding in South Africa. Snakedos, who was able to clearly pinpoint the object or purported UFO using Google Maps, produced the recordings.

But, in this ufologist’s opinion, it doesn’t end with “an extraterrestrial visitor who crashed,” since “the pilot of the ship now lives among us and is allegedly directing our technological developments.”

The item has the appearance of a traditional disk with a “pointy hump” in the center.

One shot even has a wide circle surrounding it, which seems like a crop circle, but it vanishes months later.

The significance of this finding is that it is only 13 or 14 kilometers from Lanseria International Airport and 518 kilometers from the Maputo Special Reserve on the coast of Eswatini.

However, something so clear a few kilometers distant indicates that this occurred later, in the year 2021.

We may potentially be looking at a recognizable structure, such as a wildlife shelter with a metal roof. What are your thoughts about it?