In Egypt’s Saqqara Necropolis, a 6,000-year-old tomb has been discovered. In additional burial chambers, archaeologists discovered cat and scarab mummies.

Egypt’s King Userkaf pyramid complex has archaeologists preparing to unearth an unknown Fifth Dynasty tomb. The Necropolis was built not long after the Great Pyramid of Giza, more than 2,500 years ago.

The tomb’s entrance, according to Mohamed Youseff, was completely untouched.

Experts unearthed multiple tombs holding mummified cats, as well as around 100 wooden cat sculptures attributed to the cat goddess Bastet, during their examination.

Several mummified scarabs were found at the same time. Consider the fact that both cats and scarabs were holy symbols in ancient Egyptian religion.

Because many affluent Egyptians were put to rest in opulent burial chambers, the bulk of the tombs were stolen and destroyed by thieves, this is an important and unusual find.

The tombs’ vault will be uncovered shortly, and more discoveries like this one are likely.