Madison Beer stops performance mid-song amid fears of a shooter in the crowd

Madison Beer fled the stage at BottleRock Napa Valley 2019 on Saturday night amid a shooter scare in the crowd.

The 20-year-old thought she saw an audience member pointing a gun at her and stopped in the middle of a song to alert authorities.

In video captured from the front of the stage, audience members scattered in all directions while Madison was heard shouting, ‘What is going on? Yo, yo, everyone pay attention. What’s going on?!’ to her stagehands.

Madison later reported that a man was permanently ejected from the concert but no weapons were found by police.

She wrote on Twitter: ‘Thank you for your concerns and supportive messages following the scary incident at my set yesterday.

‘I’d like to inform everyone that I am in fact fine and no one, including me, was injured.’

She continued: ‘Watching videos of all my fans run away in fear truly breaks my heart.

‘We should all continue to be diligent when attending music events/events of any kind and report anything we feel is suspicious without hesitation. Concerts should be a safe place for us to enjoy music together.’

The disturbance was handled by police and Madison returned to the stage to finish the show shortly afterward.

Madison’s mum Tracie said she was both ‘disturbed and unsettled’ by the day’s events, later writing a post on Instagram saying how much she wished she could protect her children.

Tracie wrote: ‘It’s so disturbing to me that the world we’re living in has made us has feel the need to have to always be aware of our surroundings.

‘Looking over your shoulder in public places such as a concert where you’d like to feel free & distress from life’s worries seems so sad to me… but this is the world we live in, unfortunately.