Madison Beer lays in a bathtub during music video for new single Hurts Like Hell featuring Offset

Madison Beer dropped her new single, Hurts Like Hell, featuring Offset on November 9.

And on Wednesday, the 19-year-old singer released the official music video for her revenge anthem.

Beer, who is seen ɴuᴅᴇ in several frames, plays a vengeful witch out to wreak havoc.

The video kicks off with Madison, who dons heavy black eyeliner, naked in a bathtub.

She lights candles with a wave of her hand as she turns her attention to an old TV screen, where a man and a woman are embroiled in a fight.

The man hits the woman and Beer grows angry, touching her cheek as if she was the one struck.

‘My baby said he loved me. My baby said he need me,’ she can be heard singing. ‘But then my baby went bad. I guess he had a relapse. Had to sneak, cheat and bring me down.’

The next scene shows the abusive man strapped to a bed as Madison looms in the distance.

Wearing a white wedding veil, the New York native climbs on top of the man—wielding a knife. She suddenly disappears without a trace and the man is free from the wrist restraints.

‘I hope it hurts like hell. You shoulda never let me go,’ she sings. ‘I know I’m messing up your mind. The devil got you good this time.’

The music video ends with Beer being captured by witch hunters and condemned to hell.

The group of torch and pitchfork-wielding commoners, led by the woman-beating man, attempt to burn her at the stake but she magically switches places with her enemy.

‘Drop tears from my eyes. I can’t cry, I’m on fire,’ Offset raps. ‘Cheatin’ night N night. No more flights. You got caught in the hype. Ain’t take my advice. Got the steak, the fork, and the whole knife.’

As the man burns alive, Beer turns to camera, winks and walks away.