Madison Beer hits back at pH๏τoshop rumors saying ‘I’m not the beauty standard’, internet tells her to ‘STFU’

Madison Beer took to Instagram live on Wednesday, May 27, to lament how people think she pH๏τoshops her pictures, setting unreal beauty standards for young people. “Who the f*** made me the beauty standard. I don’t understand. I don’t have to be the beauty standard. I’m not perfect,” said Beer in her Instagram live video while leaning on a counter.

She then moved away from the counter to stand up fully, providing a full-body look for the camera. She asked, “Is this pH๏τoshopped? Am I pH๏τoshopping this? This is my body. I don’t understand why people get like she’s making people have eating disorders. Because I look the way I do?” she said sounding frustrated. Her video obviously has not gone down well with social media users and there are a lot of opinions about it on Twitter.

Someone tweeted, “Madison beer complaining about being pretty and being the standard while innocent black people are getting killed. someone tell this b***h no one is thinking about her right now.” Another tweet read, “Madison beer complaining about being ‘the beauty standard’ when there are real problems in the world and people are dying. The definition of pretty privilege and white privilege. Take ur privilege somewhere else.”

One comment read, “Black Americans are dying at the hands of cops left n right and madison beer is on Instagram live crying because people call her pretty omg read the room.” “Hi @madisonbeer kindly STFU about you being pretty and actually do something useful,” wrote a user while another tweet read, “someone tell madison beer to shut tf up”

Earlier on Wednesday, May 27, an Instagram account with the name TikTokRoom also posted a video from one of the live streams that she had done on her TikTok page. Beer has always been on the receiving end of hate by critics who have accused her of getting plastic surgery and even claiming she lied to her fans that she had never undergone a cosmetic procedure.

Her TikTok page has a total of 10.2M followers and she addressed the accusations in a live video after one troll left a jarring message about eating disorders. “Guys, I got my lips done when I was younger and I f**king regretted it and I hated it, and I got them dissolved. This is literally my f**king natural face! Shut up already! It’s so annoying! I’m sorry, I’m so mad right now. …I’m about to start crying, bro.”

Before getting the above point, she had tried proving that she doesn’t have a nose job in the same broadcast by posing in two different ways from two different angles. Pouting and smiling in different poses, she tried to prove that her lips looked bigger when she smiled and her nose looked sharper when she pouts. “How does that work?” Beer sarcastically jabbed. “Did I just get a nose job in two seconds?”

This was not the first time she has addressed the accusations. Beer, in an earlier live broadcast on TikTok, stated, “It’s really hurtful to me that people are saying I’m setting a false beauty standard for people,” she shared. “First of all, I never asked to be any type of beauty standard. I think it’s really wrong to make it like I have to be what people compare themselves to.”