If seeing is believing, then these NASA and Google Earth lunar photographs appear to confirm that there is a Man on the Moon.

A video uploaded to YouTube by wowforreal shows what seems to be a vaguely humanoid figure marching across the Moon’s pockmarked surface, creating a shadow.

Is this snapshot proof that we are not alone in the universe? NASA has yet to clarify what this image depicts, but the YouTube video has already amassed over two million views and counting.

According to Australia’s 9News, the video’s owner, YouTube user wowforreal, began examining the shadow after getting an internet tip from another web user.

Wowforreal also included a link to an article explaining how the shot may be interpreted in a variety of ways, including as a light trick.

Viewers have ascribed the image to everything from an extraterrestrial to The Little Prince, a fictitious space visitor, to Slender м, another fictional entity. However, the majority of critics dismiss it as fake photography.