On March 13, 2021, in Orlando, Florida, the United States of America, an extraordinary and inexplicable UFO sighting happened.

In a nighttime video, a security camera recorded a weird thing flying low and quite near to an animal.

In the first scenario, a deer has been observed grazing in front of the security camera when an unidentified object passes by quickly.

We may estimate that it is roughly one meter wide based on the varied dimensions, with the dark area in the center of the strange item perhaps being a window.

The incident was caught on video at a distance of five to two feet from the ground, and the most remarkable feature of it is that the deer were unfazed by the passage of this mysterious flying object.

As a consequence, it suggests that it creates no sound, no sound that alerts the animal, and another fascinating fact is that not even a little wind piques the deer’s interest in a stampede.

What are the chances that we’ll be up against something? Is there a chance it’s a CGI montage?