The remains of an unknown creature washed up on a beach in Queensland this week, prompting the internet to puzzle over what it could be.

Dubbed as an ‘extraterrestrial’ by the person that found it, the body has a reptilian-like skull, claws and flabby limbs that look like they belong to a mammal.

The body was discovered on the shore of Maroochydore beach in Queensland by local Alex Tan during his morning walk.

He recorded a video of the beast and uploaded it to social media, where comments began to pour in over what it could be.

‘I’ve stumbled across something weird,’ Alex, a pastor, said to the camera in his Instagram post.

‘This is like one of those things you see when people claim they’ve found aliens.’

‘It looks like a de-haired possum, but different to anything I’ve seen,’ Alex continued before labelling it ‘extraterrestrial’.

Despite the strange appearance, it’s unlikely this is the corpse of a creature that came from the stars. Instead, it could be the remains of one of Australia’s native creatures.

Some have suggested it could have been a joey – a baby kangeroo – or a wallaby because of its small size.

The small size has led some to believe it’s a dead joey or a wallaby
This isn’t the first time an Australian beach has received alien-like visitors. In 2018, thousands of translucent creatures washed up on a beach in New South Wales.