The tomb of a strange society that lived long before the Ancient Egyptians were discovered by an international team of experts. The gravesite is located in the Libyan desert.

All of the antiques and artifacts recovered there date from 9300 to 3000 years ago. Based on the tombs, experts determined that the megalithic monuments are extremely similar to Stonehenge.

Between 2001 and 2003, scientists discovered three graves with seashell and stone-decorated artifacts, as well as ceramics. Simultaneously, experts theorized that those who lived in that civilization were tall and had a low infant mortality rate.

Two additional cemeteries were discovered in 2009, albeit the residents were not as tall as the others and had a high infant mortality rate.

Experts decided that the first cemetery was for upper-class individuals, while the others were for lower-class people. In addition, new land was discovered. That area was designated for children under the age of three.

Finally, experts came to the conclusion that all of these traits indicate that the ancient civilization to which they belonged was a highly advanced society.