One of the most prominent conspiracy theories is the Blue Beam Project. Serge Monast, a Canadian research writer and journalist, exposed the four-step plan devised by NASA and the United Nations to establish a single universal religion led by the Antichrist and usher in the New World Order in 1994. NASA would conduct the Blue Beam Project using a sophisticated mind control system and top-secret technologies in order to fool everyone and convince them that the Second Coming of Christ had occurred on Earth.

But initially, the controversial project’s first stage would include the creation of manufactured earthquakes in selected spots throughout the world. A “gigantic space show” would be the next phase. Three-dimensional optical holograms and laser projections of holographic pictures would be beamed throughout the sky at this level. What kind of photographs would these be? Perhaps events such as the one that occurred lately in Florida.

Over Florida, a mysterious staircase emerges.

Many Internet users have been perplexed by a video that has been circulated on the Internet and depicts an unusual cloud structure. The video was apparently recorded on October 28 in Florida by a man called Gray Garcia and afterwards published on YouTube by the prominent mavi 777 channel. Unfortunately, they don’t provide any other information aside from that.

Regardless, the photographs are rather intriguing, as they depict a series of clouds that resemble equally arranged steps that stretch over the sky in a lengthy line. The origin and nature of the odd creation, dubbed the “stairway to heaven” by some, remain unknown. Many people believe it is the Blue Beam Project, even though it might just be a natural weather phenomena. It would be the second stage, as space indicates. Holographic technology would be built by space-generating satellites that would project simultaneous pictures in all four corners of the globe, as we have stated in different publications.

People would see all kinds of bizarre events in the sky, such as the one that occurred in Florida, when the entire sky morphs into a big movie screen. The heavenly holograms, on the other hand, will pave the way for the third level, mind control.

Telephone communication equipment will transmit signals to each person’s objectives, fooling them into believing that their god is calling to them from the depths of their own soul. Such signals will “feed” on the information stored in every person on the planet. The signals will be combined with your natural reasoning to generate diffuse artificial thinking.

Finally, the Blue Beam Project’s fourth stage will employ a variety of technology to persuade people that there is an extraterrestrial invasion and the rapture, making it simpler for the elite to rule the public. The Blue Beam Project is the principal directive for the New World Order’s total dominion over the Earth’s people.

The most skeptics, on the other hand, proposed a logical and sensible explanation for the bizarre phenomena, claiming that the formation of clouds is the remnants of a message written in the sky that faded over time.

What’s your take on “the stairs to heaven?” Is it connected to the Blue Beam Initiative? Is this a natural occurrence? Or do you have a different theory in mind? Please leave a remark below.